My problem is that every five minutes my screen is getting dark and then asks me for a password.

How can I turn off the password request after computer's standby wakeup? Please show me where I can find the settings to disable the password.

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For Ubuntu 11.04 and above:

You can access settings by typing System Settings in the Dash, or clicking "power" or "power cog" button in the top-right corner of the screen and choosing System Settings.

Once you entered on the System Settings, click on Brigtness & Lock.

Brightness and lock

For Ubuntu 10.10 and below or Ubuntu MATE:

You can access to the screensaver settings on System --> Preferences --> Screensaver Settings and then uncheck Lock screen when screensaver is active.

Screensaver settings

  • thank you but on my laptop is not like that,I have PLACES&SYSTEM and when I open that there is not SYSTEM SETTINGS,I do not know what to do to move standby password so if anybody have any suggestions I would be very happy man from Croatia!!! – Marko Horvat Mar 17 '15 at 19:11
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This doesn't exactly answer the question, but it is another approach to the issue.

A couple of versions of Kubuntu ago, I couldn't figure out how to turn this off either.

Since I was kind of tired of screensavers anyway, I just turned the screen saving to start after an hour when power is plugged into my notebook (so it wouldn't come on while watching videos, etc.).

Then, I added an icon to my menu, and from there, to my panel that calls a script that just turns the screen off (which saves power and makes the screen and backlight last longer anyway). I just click on it when I want the screen off. It totally bypasses the system screensaver processing, so it only does what my script tells it to - no locking.

There's a delay in the script to give me time to get my hands away from the keyboard before it turns the screen off - because touching any key or the touchpad/mouse turns the screen back on - just like it does with a screensaver.

My original script had some old code in it. I cleaned it up before including it below.

## Turn screen off - instead of screensaver
## Copyleft 03/22/2015 JPmicrosystems GPL

sleep 2s && xset dpms force off

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