For years the logs of my Ubuntu systems sharing drives with a Windows installation have been routinely flooding logs with:

Mar 17 11:00:50 kemosabi ntfs-3g[483]: ntfs_attr_pread error reading '/pub/TL-WN722N_100629.zip' at offset 23138304: 4096 <> -1: Value too large for defined data type 

Mar 17 11:00:50 kemosabi ntfs-3g[483]: Failed to decompress file: Value too large for defined data type

Not to mention, the inconvenience of not being able to access so many files in the Windows-formatted partitions (esp. the shared doc & media storages for all OSes, which constitute the majority of the hard drive space, naturally).

The root cause of this is known: a shortcoming in ntfs-3g for its inability to deal with (Windows 8?) NTFS compressed files. (Poorly implemented spec: lacking a marker to end meaningful file data, after which garbage follows, which ntfs-3g attempts to decompress, not knowing any better.)

In 2013 a patch has been offered, but it never went into the mainstream ntfs driver release:


compress-lastblock-v2.patch.gz [736 Bytes] 


How, specifically, can this fix be deployed into Ubuntu 14.04?

Can a module be built that can be seamlessly loaded into up-to-date Canonical .deb kernels?

Can that be delivered as a PPA repo?


The latest ntfs-3g driver can be found here in tarball format and can be compiled and run on Ubuntu using this Q&A.

As you didn't mention your Ubuntu version, and there are no PPAs that currently support 2014.2.15AR.3. you have two possibilities:

  1. it is the standard package in the 15.04 experimental version, (not recommended for production as this is not a stable version)
  2. wait for the 16.04 LTS version
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