Without doing an existence check, I used the Software Center to install IDLE to do scripts in Python 3. Now I have two slightly different IDLEs, the difference between which is not obvious to this novice. One is called IDLE 3 and the other is called IDLE (Using Python-3.4) I can't even determine which one I installed, although I think it was IDLE 3

How can I safely remove one of these IDLEs without breaking Python 3? I don't care which.


From the terminal sudo apt-get remove idle3

That will remove idle3, which doesn't have that new car smell, so I use

sudo apt-get install idle-python3.4 so I at least know one thing, and that's the version number of the idle. I can't tell the difference, nor can I pick a Chardonnay.

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    Good. I've had the same thing happen when either I was problem solving, or the cat stepped on the keyboard. I didn't really care. I just couldn't stand the double menu entry for essentially the same thing. – Nodak Mar 17 '15 at 13:07

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