I'm aware of this other question and i'm making a new one because that solutions there were not enough for my problem.

I installed xfce and pcmanfm on top of my vanilla ubuntu 10.10 installation. After i got tired of them i uninstalled them. And then in some programs (gnome-do, firefox, file-browser-applet, chrome) i get the error

could not display the file'filename.txt' "the location is not a folder"

when trying to open files that those programs manage.

As suggested by the previously mentioned question i tried:

sudo apt-get remove exo-utils

Not no avail, i got ubuntu Tweak and went to the file associations tab, and the folder filetype is set to open-folder is that ok?

Also i checked these files


And they are the same as a clean 10.10 installation(i checked it with a virtual machine) I tracked it to

gnome-open 'the name of some file.pdf'

And i get the same error, and i'm guessing that the programs sending that error are using some function() that calls gnome-open or something like that. I also tried using the "exo-preferred-applications" to switch to nautilus, but it doesnt show the file-manager option as some suggested it would.

Right now i don't have the exo utils or anything exo installed, nothing Xfce specific. I ran out of things to try, so any help is appreciated.


I tried installing the package XFCE and then login to that desktop and gnome-open works on xfce... strange Also i got all the files on /usr/share/desktop from a clean 10.10 installation and copied over the files on my damaged installation and it didn't helped, is not an issue with them...


Finally got it! I deleted my ~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/url-handlers folder and now the problem is completely gone.

If you are interested, this was the source of the idea.

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