I am running Ubuntu 14.10 I have accidentally remove some of my startup applications from the "Startup Applications Preferences" GUI, and I don't know what they were, is there a log somewhere which will tell me which ones I removed? Or a way of restoring them?

I read here that I could restore them by copying all the entries here:


To here:


Would that work? Or would that still not restore the deleted ones?

These are the ones which I have left:

Startup Applications Preferences

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    "/etc/xdg/autostart/" hold the -default- ones. That does not mean all the ones you deleted: the start up programs you deleted that are not default are not in "/etc/xdg/autostart/". Only thing you can rely on is a backup you made. Someone else can not even list his/her startup programs. – Rinzwind Mar 16 '15 at 13:46

Very simple: restore from your last back-up the directory /home/szUserName/.config/autostart/* where szUserName is your actual user name.

For more information on back-ups, please read the following Q&A: What's a good back-up strategy for 1 desktop PC?.

You're definitely user type 4! ;-) >:-)

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