If I want, for example, /usr/share/doc/nvidia-96/README.txt.gz from nvidia-96, is there a way for me to download just this file?


Yes, you can download the .deb file from packages.ubuntu.com and then open it like an archive (using file-roller). There are two more archives inside, you'll need to open "data.tar.gz".

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If you don't want to use the graphical file-roller as suggested in another answer, there are some other options:

  • Install the debian-goodies package, and run debmany nvidia-96; this will present a dialog of documentation files in the package, and you can press Enter to view any one of them.
  • (Lower-level:) Download the .deb file using whatever method you prefer, and run dpkg --fsys-tarfile foo.deb | tar xO ./usr/share/doc/nvidia-96/README.txt.gz (the leading dot after tar xO is required).
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you can do sudo apt-get -d install nvidia-96 to download package without installation

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    he would still need to extract it someway and look for the file. More complete answer requested. – Mahesh May 18 '12 at 18:41

Another alternative:

sudo aptitude download nvidia-96

Yes you can. Type the following in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install -d <"package" or "packages">

Here -d parameter only downloads packages and not install the packages. You can find the downloaded packages in /var/cache/apt folder.

If you use Synaptic, then select downloads only option.

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