So after googling around and finding out wine doesn't work with the AMD drivers, I uninstalled it and the libopen things for both AMD64 and i386 as they were conflicting with the installation of fglrx-core.

Now, however, when I try and install this, I get this error information:

(Reading database ...

(Reading database ... 5%

(Reading database ... 10%

(Reading database ... 15%

(Reading database ... 20%

(Reading database ... 25%

(Reading database ... 30%

(Reading database ... 35%

(Reading database ... 40%

(Reading database ... 45%

(Reading database ... 50%

(Reading database ... 55%

(Reading database ... 60%

(Reading database ... 65%

(Reading database ... 70%

(Reading database ... 75%

(Reading database ... 80%

(Reading database ... 85%

(Reading database ... 90%

(Reading database ... 95%

(Reading database ... 100%

(Reading database ... 208182 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to unpack .../fglrx-core_14.501-0ubuntu1_amd64_UB_14.01.deb ... Unpacking fglrx-core (2:14.501-0ubuntu1) ...

dpkg: error processing archive /tmp/fglrx-core_14.501-0ubuntu1_amd64_UB_14.01.deb (--install):

trying to overwrite '/etc/acpi/fglrx-powermode.sh', which is also in package fglrx 2:13.350.1-0ubuntu2

dpkg-deb (subprocess): decompressing archive member: internal gzip write error: Broken pipe

dpkg-deb (subprocess): cannot copy archive member from '/tmp/fglrx-core_14.501-0ubuntu1_amd64_UB_14.01.deb' to decompressor pipe: failed to write (Broken pipe)

dpkg-deb: error: subprocess returned error exit status 2

Errors were encountered while processing:


the tmp/fglrx-core_14.501-0buntu1_amd64_UB_14.01.deb is the package of fglrx-core I'm trying to install, but I have also tried it from my home directionary and renaming it but nothing seems to work.

Has anyone got a quick fix? I'm new to linux and not great at it.


Try installing the fglrx, fglrx-core gives you "Minimal video driver for the AMD graphics accelerators", while the fglrx would give you a more "complete" installation.


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install fglrx

or (includes the catalyst center)

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install fglrx fglrx-amdcccle fglrx-dev

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