How can I remove the Cairo Dock Icons in Dash even though I removed the app using Software Center? I removed Wireshark using the same method and Wireshark doesn't show up in Dash. Any ideas?


You have not removed the whole package yet. Its data is still in your computer. Remove all by running in the terminal:

   sudo apt-get-purge cairo-dock-core
  • Perfect, thanks I have never needed to use that command since I'm a months old Ubuntu noob. As an aside I don't see an option like AskUbuntu in StackExchange for Linux Mint, I am thinking of switching. – Todd Mar 15 '15 at 1:26

Remove all of the components with this command in Terminal:

sudo apt-get purge cairo-dock cairo-dock-core cairo-dock-data libgldi-dev libgldi3

You can also use Synaptic Package Manager

sudo apt-get install synaptic -y
sudo synaptic
to see the different components you have installed, just search for

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