I've set up a git repo on my Windows desktop successfully, but I'm having a little difficulty cloning the repo onto my Ubuntu laptop. I use TortoiseGit on my Windows desktop, but I want to start learning the actual commands for Git. I've tried various iterations similar to:

git clone -o dropbox ~/Dropbox/sites/wordpress/


git clone -o dropbox ~/Dropbox/sites/wordpress/.git

but I get a repository doesn't exist message. Now, on my Windows dropbox folder, the actual git repo is /Dropbox/sites/wordpress/.git but when I log into dropbox from their website (on my Ubuntu laptop), I can't see the .git repo. So this might actually be a problem with hidden files on Windows, but I'm not 100% sure. Either way, what would be the proper command to use to clone the repo?

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You haven't used the right path. Using '~' in the path won't work in windows. Please use the right path.

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