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What is the blue triangle on the home button for?

I regularly have a gap in the upper-left corner of the button for the Unity launcher. It is almost like a beveling of the global menu bar. It seems common when using Chrome, but it also occurs when I am using other programs, such as nautilus. I find it quite annoying. Is there anything I can do?

screen shot

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  • Ah, thanks to all! Like the other posters with duplicate questions, I thought it was a bug showing my blue wallpaper behind it. Sorry to duplicate. – Sam Copeland Sep 2 '11 at 16:58

If you are referring to the blue thing, it is a part of Unity in 11.04, and I don't think you can disable it (at least I don't remember being able to; I'm on 11.10 now). It only appears when an application requires your attention.


When you're saying "gap", do you mean that blue triangular marker in the upper left corner?

It's actually not a gap, it's an indicator that one of the windows in the launcher requires your attention (the same thing is indicated by a blinking/pulsating icon or button in other window managers - since the Unity launcher is hidden most of the time, just pulsating the icon would make ne sense)

I guess it may look like a "gap" if your wallpaper is of a similar blue color... but it is not.

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