I'm a newbie on ubuntu and I don't know what happened on my os ubuntu 14.10 bc the nautilus file manager always closed when I try to change permission on file properties. I ran it as root in terminal. I wrote sudo nautilus in terminal and it was running normally but when I try to change permission on a file, nautilus will suddenly closed and this error was appear in terminal:

ERROR:nautilus-properties-window.c:1840:schedule_owner_change_timeout: assertion failed: (NAUTILUS_IS_FILE (file))

Hope anyone can help me to fix this problem. Thanks!


Try to change the permissions from the command line using sudo chmod *PERMISSIONS* *FILE* where *PERMISSIONS* should be:

  • a+x to give execution permission to all.
  • g+x to give execution permission to group.
  • u+x to give execution permission to user.
  • You can replace the + by a - to remove permissions.
  • You can change other permissions such as r (read) or w (write) [i.e. a+w]
  • You can change one or more permissions at same time (a+rwx)

And *FILE* should be the file to change permissions, you can drag and drop from a normal nautilus window to the command line.

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