I am trying to move files inside one folder to another folder. However it just won't work for me. I have several cpp files and subfolders that I want to move. However if I want to move everything with mv * ../somefolder it says cannot stat ´*´.

If I only move a specific file it works, e.g. mv file.cpp ../somefolder but if I try mv *.cpp ../somefolder it gives me the aforementioned error. Why is that?

Some context: I am using ExternalProjet_Add_Step in CMake.

    DEPENDEES createFolders
    COMMAND mv MonoEngineSource/src/* MonoEngine
    COMMENT "Moving src to MonoEngine folder"
  • Remove the * and try with mv MonoEngineSource/src – LnxSlck Mar 11 '15 at 16:21
  • @LnxSlck: If I do that, the src folder will be moved too. – gartenriese Mar 11 '15 at 16:22

Make the command:

eval mv MonoEngineSource/src/* MonoEngine

to strip off the implied quoting.

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