I have a laptop (Dell Inspiron 11z) and and SSD (Samsung 128GB) on order. On my current laptop, I have a spinning HDD and use LVM and LUKS encryption.

I would like to use LUKS on the SSD but from doing a bit of research I am not sure if this is desirable/possible. It seems that LUKS (possibly???) may prevent TRIM from working.

I can't find any concrete info on this and lots of the info on SSDs such as alignment etc seems to be out of date.

Will TRIM work with LUKS? Because a laptop may be prone to theft, I like to have my data properly encrypted so this is important to me

  • Just FYI: the absence of TRIM commands doesn't affect all SSD in the same way, eg. SandForce controller based SSD don't take a big hit if there's no TRIM. – htorque Sep 3 '11 at 7:24

TRIM does not work for LUKS encrypted partitions because the data being written on the disk is encrypted, even if a block is "empty" according to the filesystem. From cryptsetup 1.4 and later (supplied with 12.04 Precise) and Linux 3.1 (not supplied with Precise), TRIM can be enabled (it is not enabled by default for security reasons). See also TRIM on an encrypted SSD

If you begin to notice a big performance decrease, you should consider backing up the data, clearing your SSD and put the data back. (this may be a reinstall too)

Whether TRIM is supported or not for LUKS encrypted partitions, I'd certainly enable it unless your data isn't worth anything.

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LUKS does not allow TRIM by befault, because of security concerns.

Given the right versions of kernel and cryptsetup you can enable it though, either manually or on boot.

I have posted a step by step guide to enabling TRIM with LUKS encrypted partitions in Ubuntu 12.04 or any Debian with cryptsetup 1.4+ and Kernel 3.1+. (Feel free to copy it here if some askubuntu guidelines deem it necessary.)

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See the "--allow-discards" option in the cryptsetup(8) man page and the "discard" option in the crypttab(5) man page.

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It is possible to trim it manually with fstrim tool if everything configured correctly (subject is covered in various howtos). Aside "trim" support, speed decreases dramatically so advantages on using ssd with luks are questionable.

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