I want to resize my /dev/sda1 partition and I'm using GParted. This is my partition table:

partition table

When I tried to reize the /dev/sda1 partition, I was unable to enlarge it to anything bigger than 7679 MB even though I have 11.53 GB in unallocated space:


I don't know what to do now but I'd appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you.


You have an extended partition /dev/sda2 which contains unallocated space, delete the partition first and then extend the 1st partition /dev/sda1

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You can only resize partitions to include adjacent free space. In your case there is none, because

  • sda1 is at the beginning of the drive and
  • there's another partition sda2 right behind it.

Since sda2 is an empty extended partition, I recommend that you delete it, then resize sda1.


That's because you have /dev/sda2 "in the middle", and since the scheme you see in gparted is a physical representation of the partitions on the disk, extending /dev/sda1 would actually mean overwhelming /dev/sda2's space, which of course is not allowed. So you need to first remove /dev/sda2 in order to extend /dev/sda1


There is 510MB of sda2 extended partition in between. You have to get rid of that, only then you can resize sda1.

As far as I know there is only one way to achieve this. You have to create the partition table once again

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