I installed 14.04 with Unity on my new box. Works pretty good. I installed Eclipse under Unity, but still haven't been able to create a launcher that displays the Eclipse icon. For other reasons I installed kubuntu-desktop and would now like to create a desktop launcher for the already installed Eclipse.

Initially I did a search in kickstart and drug the icon onto the desktop. This launches Eclipse with no trouble, but it has only the default gear icon.

So then I went to Dolphin and browsed to /usr/share/applications and drug out the .deskktop file I created there for Unity onto the KDE desktop. Now I have a desktop icon that has the proper Eclipse icon. But when I click it, Eclipse doesn't launch.

How can I get one icon on the KDE desktop with the proper Eclipse Luna icon (which is /usr/share/icons/eclipse.png -- I converted the icon.xpm file and put it there) that actually launches Eclipse?

Update --

Two things were needed. I had the permissions wrong on the .png file. It needed to be readable by everyone. Then the .desktop file needed to look like this:

[Desktop Entry]

The key piece as in the comment was the line Icon=eclipse. Still don't know why it wouldn't work with the full path.

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Open the shortcut with some text editor like gedit or kate icon by right-clicking on it, and selecting "Open with gedit". In the text editor, shortly after the 'comment' and 'app command' text, you should see something like 'Icon=exec,' (ignore the quotes) change it to Icon=/usr/share/icons/eclipse.png or Icon=eclipse

  • Thanks for the answer and congratulations: you fixed the Unity icon. I found the permissions for the .png file were for root only. Now Unity displays the icon normally. But the question was for KDE desktop. There is no edit option when right clicking in KDE, but I found the path to the .desktop file and changed the icon location. Now KDE shows no icon at all. It's just blank. Mar 10, 2015 at 6:42
  • Right click on the shortcut (.desktop) file and edit it with kate or gedit then add following line to it Icon=/usr/share/icons/eclipse.png , if it doesnt work , write Icon=eclipse Mar 10, 2015 at 7:13

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