I plan to partition my disk into EFI partition, /, /home and swap

I also want to prepare when I might need to increase / /home or swap in the future.

  1. So shall I scatter unallocated space between / and /home, and between /home and swap?

    or not leave any unallocated space, but relying on shrinking some partition to free space in the future?

    or arrange the unallocated space together between two partitions, rather than scattering them several places between the partitions?

  2. If I leave some unallocated space between / and /home, will I be able to add some space from the unallocated space to /home? Note that it will change the beginning of /home, and I wonder if that will change some meta information stored at the beginning of /home partition (is that bad?)

    I assume that I can add some space from the unallocated space between / and /home to /, because that will added to the end of /?


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  1. No, Just keep it at the end of the disk to optimize performance as long as you don't need the unallocated space. Once you need it, just do the necessary steps before you go to bed (moving partitions takes a long time) and let the computer work all night.

  2. Yes. It just means that gparted will do an extend and move behind the scenes for you. `


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