I have a 1TB HardDrive and I went to run a .jar file, it didn't work because it wasn't labeled as "[/] Allow executing file as program" and I changed the file and it reverted the file back. So how can I fix this? I tried "[Change Permissions for Enclosed Files...]" on the drive and that didn't work. I've look all over the internet and found nothing, so if anyone knows how to fix this in any way possible please tell me.

  • If the external drive uses a non-Linux filesystem (such as NTFS or FAT) then the issue is likely the same as this one .exe file permission fail – steeldriver Mar 8 '15 at 13:44

Try using chmod to change the rights of the file.

  • Use ctrl+l to copy the folder location from Nautilus
  • In the terminal, use the following code to add execution rights to your account and the group (it is easiest to paste the folder location using right-click):
    chmod u+x g+x path/to/folder/file.jar

See the Ubuntu website explaining how file permissions work and can be changed.

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