there is plenty of information on samba, and accessing the server just by the user name and smbpasswd you created on samba.

However, lets say I have a samba server and I joined it to the windows domain "AD" i have 100 users on windows AD.

how would set credentials and permissions for all 100 users on my AD windows server instead of creating a user one by one on linux samba server so they can see my files without me having to create a user on ubuntu server samba?


For an existing Samba server using NT4-style authentication, there is an excellent manual over at the samba.org domain.

Basically what it drills down to is:

  • Find out which AD servers run what (including ldap, AD, ...)
  • Prevent duplicate SIDs
  • Correct duplicate user/group names (which AD doesn't like and is standard behaviour in Linux)
  • Start the actual upgrade process

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