I am planning to make an app which would switch between Light and Dark theme based on the ambient light conditions. So if it was a dark room, then the app would switch to a dark theme to reduce the strain on the eye and provide a pleasant experience.

I looked into Qt LightSensor API Docs here but on trying it on a sample device didnt work as expected. I also made sure to add sensors to the apparmor file. Has anyone got this working?

I would appreciate if the answer could include a working code.

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It's indeed not yet hooked up to the backend yet (atm you can only get such sensor events using the platform-api directly). I included a story in the Phone Foundations backlog to hook this into Qt.


This would be the appropriate API I guess, however, it doesn't seem to be hooked up to the backend yet. At least for me right now it it seems to give random values.


I think a bug report might be appropriate at this point.

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