I have added ScreenShot to the xfce-pannel but like starting it using [Fn] [Prnt Scrn], I don't get the timelaps option, instead I get the full screen capture menu, but opening the same Screenshot from the Application menue I get this:

This is what I want:enter image description here

But this full screen capture menu is what I get: enter image description here

Where do I change the xfce-pannels setting for Screenshooter, and where do I find them?

It seems I can get the menu-alas defunkt by rightclick and choose proberties: enter image description here But this have no OK button! enter image description here Only the close, there must be a way to rectify this! Any ideas anyone?


It seems the pannel properties window really dos something! It saves the settings chosen for further use, so now it chooses the active window with a delay of 4 seconds, which is ample to open right-click menues and possition the curser!

The [PrntScrn] button [Fn] [F10]/[F11] on my labtop is configured from the settings menu - settings Editor - xfce shortcuts.!

enter image description here

By remowing the -f flag I get the Pick-menu, not just the save menu.

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