I installed Ubuntu using the dual boot method. My laptop is HP pavilion DV6. It has MBR on my HDD, so I'm limited to create 4 primary partitions. In Windows 8 I have used 4 primary partitions. In the driver management I see only 3 primary partitions which are the C, D, E drive. The F drive is logical drive. I didn't find the missing primary partition so I deleted my D drive and thus made space for a new primary partition.

When I began to install Ubuntu I created only 1 partition. I could either create a swap partition or a Ext4. So I decided to create an Ext4 partion which will replace the D drive partition. But i think i should create a swap Partition for my Ubuntu.

What should I do now, my laptop has 4GB RAM.

Here is my gparted snapshot.

gparted snapshot


When you make logical partitions, they require one of your primary partition slots to be used as the base for the extended volume.

In this case, /dev/sda3 is the base for extended volumes, but /dev/sda5 is the only logical partition in there, and is using up the whole of /dev/sda3's storage.

Hope that helps!


The first answer on this question should show you how to enable the partition for use as swap.


4gb ram is enough and there is no need of swap still if you want swap Shrink /dev/sda5 and create a logical volume of type swap.

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