I'm trying to create a simple script that takes an average load percentage of the CPU each minute. I'm doing this by using the sar command from the sysstat package.

Here is my current code:

sar -u 1 10 | grep Average > /custom/tmp/idlefile
idleval=`awk '{print $8}' /custom/tmp/idlefile`
rm /custom/tmp/idlefile
rm -rf /custom/idlepercentage/*
touch /custom/idlepercentage/$idleval
exit 0

The problem is, the only thing it can do right now is output an idle percentage. I'd like it to simply output a load percentage.

I attempted to do this by:

loadval=100.00-`echo $idleval`

but it shouts at me and won't do what I ask it to do.

It seems like it wont do the basic arithmetic to do 100% - idle percent to give load percent.


This should work:

loadval=$(sar -u 1 10 | awk '{print 100-$8}')
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    Works, and wow was more simple than i thought, thanks! – Matt Elvidge Mar 2 '15 at 12:37

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