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After I asked this question I found that title and file name are pretty much different, so then I tried changing the pdf document's title to whatever I want to?.

I tried with Okular, but it doesn't let me change the title, I also tried GIMP but it just don't seem to have the option. I even tried verifying the document properties with Dolphin and it does not work either. How to change the title then?.

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After a deep web search using google, I found a tool called pdftk. How to install pdftk: sudo apt-get install pdftk then created a file containing the following information:

InfoKey: Title
InfoValue: New Title

And saved it in the same location the PDF is, then I ran in a terminal (in the PDF’s location):

pdftk File.pdf update_info mynewtextfile output NewFile.pdf

The PDF’s title is now "New Title".

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