Problem Description Prior to this problem, using Verizon for my standard Telephone connection. Updated my Telephone line to use DSL last Month DSL part working perfect Past two weeks trying to get up my new Email account to work that came from Verizon along with the upgrade to DSL. No success at all

Parameters From Verizon and from the Internet, I got the following information: Server Port Encryption Data Incoming pop.verizon.net 995 SSL Normal Password Outgoing smtp.verizon.net 465 SSL Normal Password

Clients I've tested this in two Mail Clients, Evolution and Thunderbird. Basically the same results "Authentication Failure on password during POP processing"

Thunderbird Email name - MyUser@verizon.net When I select "Manual config", it gives the following: Server hostname Port SSL Authentication Incoming POP3 pop.verizon.net 995 SSL/TLS Normal password Outgoing SMTP smtp.verizon.net 465 SSL/TLS Normal password Username Input MyUser Output MyUser when I click "Re-Test" button, it runs fine When "Done" button is pressed, get the following message: "Configuration could not be verified - is the username or password wrong" It creates an account but when I attempt to process the messages from the Server at Verizon, it gets the following messages: "Sending of password for MyUser did not succeed" "Mail Server pop.verizon.net responded: Authentication failed"

Evolution It generates an Account successfully using the above values, but when I attempt to get any mail from my verizon inbox, I get the following messages: "Unable to connect to POP server pop.verizon.net" "Error sending password ERR [AUTH] authentication failed"

Ussername and Passwrds are correct since I use them on myverizon and webmail

Environment PC running Ubuntu - Precise Pangolin - All up to date

Firewall Firewall in NOT active sudo ufw status Status: inactive

Modem/Router My Modem is a Verizon, Westell and has its Firewall set to No Security (None) all Traffic is allowed

Verizon support is not very effective. Their personal are fairly hard to understand due to language differences and very limited in their knowledge, especially concerning Linux.

Does any one know how to solve this problem or can point me in the correct direction.

I'm Computer literate and so I can do just about anything that has to be done in order to fix this problem.

Thanking everyone in advance who takes the time to look at this problem.

  • We do not accept support from personal e-mails. Ask Ubuntu is free for all but this also means anyone should be able to benefit from answers. – Rinzwind Feb 27 '15 at 15:56
  • Is there anyone who has a similar Problem? – Frank Krauss Mar 5 '15 at 20:30
  • Getting same response from verizon "it is an issue with your email client." Same issue with windows & linux. Outlook/thunderbird/sylpheed. – CW Holeman II Apr 19 '16 at 22:37

verizon.net email moving to AOL Mail in phases. So, it looks like there is something going on, on their end, and you just get to suffer through the problems.

In my case the aol system does not yet know about the userid/password so it looks like no is going to accept responsibility.

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