I am new to Operating Systems (specifically Linux) and this is my first question here

I want to ask, can there be two process with CMD = init (as given by ps - e command).

I had two processes on my laptop with CMD = init (id's 1 (this is default) and 29179). I wrote a c++ program and created a child and waited for parent to exit (orphaned the child) and then checked the child's ppid but it gave 29179.

Here is my C++ program : Prog.cpp (on Ideone all output of stdout is not printed may be the way it is.)

Here is stdout of my C++ Program and output of ps -e on my laptop (Only 2 links allowed) : output


Yes. It is possible to have multiple init processes.

In the olden days before Upstart, there was just one init process (where PID = 1).

Now, with Upstart, there's the original init process (where PID = 1).

But, when a user logs in, a new init process is created for that user session. Thus, that is why you see the second init process (where PID != 1).

  • Who is the parent of then this second init process? – Saurabh Jain Feb 27 '15 at 0:21
  • All processes (other than yours) have the parent of the original init (pid = 1). Your processes (user) have the parent of the second init (where pid != 1). – user376787 Feb 27 '15 at 0:24

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