I wanted to backup my data before I proceeded to upgrading my Ubuntu, which requires you to login into the Ubuntu Single Sign On, however I am unable to recollect my password. Trying to use the forget password option, gives me an invalid email address. However if I use the same email for registering as a new user, it gives me as a registered email address, preventing me for registering using the same email. Can you please help?

  • You can use offline or manual back-up solutions instead of whatever you're trying to use. If you keep your data on a separate partition from the system files, you don't even need to back them up, because they'll be left untouched during the system installation or upgrade. – David Foerster Feb 26 '15 at 12:28

Sorry File services on ubuntu One is discontinued. Ubuntu One

Send an email to isd-support asking for a password reset.

Then find somewhere else to upload your image, you can create an account at MEGA


Then create account. Or find somewhere else USB device DVDs for your backup.

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