I'm trying to install phpDocumentor via PEAR as per the instruction on the phpDocumentor2 GitHub repo. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 (trusty) with the Lubuntu desktop.

Step 2 sudo pear install phpdoc/phpDocumentor is giving me the following error:

could not extract the package.xml file from "/build/buildd/php5-5.5.9+dfsg/pear-build-download/phpDocumentor-2.8.2.tgz"
Download of "phpdoc/phpDocumentor" succeeded, but it is not a valid package archive
Error: cannot download "phpdoc/phpDocumentor"
Download failed
install failed

What could be going wrong?

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Actually, there is bug related to unzipping downloadable contents with pear. To solve this issue, use --nocompress option after install.

Try this:

sudo pear install --nocompress phpdoc/phpDocumentor

another site advise to simply extract pear downloaded file and run upgrade with extracted result. See here for further details.


this will download phpDocumentor uncompressed source (approx. 67 MBytes)



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