I'm using Ubuntu 14.4 and xtreme download manager is my default download manager. I know there is browser integration add on for it. but I want to integrate it with flashgot add on . I find xdm in flashgot options but it's useless no download starts only the main window pops up !

  • It might not be possible to do that because XDM uses Java as a foundation, I am not sure if Java apps like XDM can accept command-line parameters for starting a download. FlashGot sends paramters to start downloads. You could post a slexy.org paste of the --help output of XDM or you could use uGet instead. uGet has auto-integration with FlashGot. ugetdm.com – Michael Tunnell Feb 25 '15 at 23:42
  • thank you for you kind reply. I found the solution by myself and it worked just perfect I will post the solution so that anyone can make use of it. I love U get but I hate the fact that I can't integrate it with Google chrome – Misho21 Feb 25 '15 at 23:45
  • it can,the Clipboard Monitor is plenty but we are working on making a chrome extension rebuild. However, you are using Firefox and FlashGot which integrates with uGet already so I am not sure what Chrome has to do with your decision. – Michael Tunnell Mar 2 '15 at 22:05
  • @MichaelTunnell I was wainting for uget chrome extention for a long time man ! – Misho21 Mar 2 '15 at 22:50
  • Ok I get that but you are now using xdm with firefox. Why not just use uGet with Firefox? That is what I don't understand. – Michael Tunnell Mar 5 '15 at 21:46

I had the same problem, and i was not able to solve it using your method, i have found a different method that worked for me :

  1. Firefox > Tools > Flashgot > More options
  2. General tap > Press Add button > XDM2 as name
  3. Executable path : /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64/bin/java
  4. Command line :-jar /usr/lib/xdman/xdm.jar [URL]

NOTE : The executable path may differ depending on witch Java version you are using.
Example : the Executable path for sun java 6 is : /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-


Here is how to integrate Xdm with flashgot:

  1. from Firefox access tools menu → flashgot → more options.

  2. from general tab press the Add button to add new download manger and enter a name.

  3. browse to /usr/lib/xdman and select xdman.jar file

  4. make the command line arguments template as "[URL]" then press OK.


Firefox > Tools > Flashgot > More options

  1. General tap > Press Add button > XDM2 as name

    2.Executable path -for this go to the folder where you have saved XDM and select java inside the folder jre/bin

    3.Command line arguments template : -jar /usr/lib/xdman/xdm.jar [URL]

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