I plan to move from linux o/s a directory which is mounted on SAN(offboard) to external storage for backup. The dir size is 14TB.

I do have experience moving files in/out using rsync but never done this with large size directories/files like now.

The directories are laid down in terms on year/month/days/hours hierarchy and support raw-logs for analysis.


So with the above told, due to resource restrictions I'm not able to move complete 14TB to external/backup storage space. The backup space I have currently is max 8 TB. So is there a command or switch / parameter i can tell rsync to only copies files to the mentioned size i.e TB only


The option to limit file size is


Where SIZE is your actual file size limit, you can use KB MB or GB as your units. I'm not sure if TB is supported, as a unit, but if you want to test your rsync command use the option:


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