I am using a live cd running Ubuntu 14.04 and when I try to access my hard drives /media/(Myname) it telling me that persmission is denied. Even when i could view the files earlier. How can i fix this.


Not sure why it would deny you access now that you have it mounted. What you can do is unmount it a mount it again with read/write permission. Something like

sudo umount /media/DRIVE_NAME
sudo mount -o rw,remount /dev/DISK_PARTITION /media/DRIVE_NAME

In some cases I've noticed that even though I'm able to access the partition, see the files, and open them, I am still not allows to write to them. A hackish workaround would also be to open nautilus as root

sudo nautilus

Although in that scenario you are not really fixing the problem but going around it, if you need constant access to the partition you probably want to look under /etc/fstab and understand the line about the partition you are trying to access.

Hope this helps!

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