Is it possible to convert a 30 second clip of an .mp3 to .wav in Ubuntu terminal? For example if I had an .mp3 that was 3:00 minutes long, would I be able to create a 30 second clip from 0:45-1:15?

I'm able to convert the entire song using mplayer in Ubuntu.

mplayer \
  -quiet \
  -vo null \
  -vc dummy \
  -ao pcm:waveheader:file="output.wav" "input.mp3"


I'm open to suggestions using mplayer, LAME, mpg123, mpg321 or other encoders!



ffmpeg -ss 45 -t 30 -i file.mp3 output.wav

(start at 45s, length 30s)

More info: http://linux.die.net/man/1/ffmpeg


Use that same mplayer command and add options

-ss 45 -endpos 30
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    No problem. I just think support forums should be complete, you know, for future archaeologists. – David Andersson Aug 28 '11 at 15:55

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