Is there a setting inside Ubuntu Default PDF viewer (evince) or Okular to disable embedded script execution in PDF files ?

It is a really important setting, that adds an extra security measure against PDF-Malware (e.g Pidief), thus in my opinion a must-have of every modern PDF-viewer.

If these PDF viewers do not have such a setting, are there any similar applications that include an option for script-blocking ?

I am aware of Foxit Reader that does the job but it is a windows program and works only using Wine.

  • I agree that there should be such an option. However, the Pidief example is not a very good choice, as it is set to attack Windows systems (something you don't have, using Ubuntu). In order to really be sure, and if it is worth the bother to you, you might look at the products by Appligent; if I remember correctly, they have an utility which strips all active elements and features. I don't know if it is ported to Ubuntu; you'd have to ask. – Max Wyss Feb 21 '15 at 17:25
  • So far I have found some software Dider_Steven's_PDF_Tools written in python that help you detect malware in PDF, but they do not offer the ability to block script code while reading a PDF file. – pgmank Feb 23 '15 at 12:16

Evince doesn't support javascripts so not an issue.

Okular according to Okular News dated July 29, 2008: Preliminary (really basic and most probably incomplete) support for JavaScript in PDF documents. No update has been made since on this subject so I believe there is no security threat here.

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