I have my 250GB HDD split up into 3 partitions. 25GB has a windows 7 installation. 25GB has Ubuntu 14.04. 200GB is simply an empty NTFS partition. I have done in the past with windows instaltions where I have the same thing set up to where all my picture, videos, music, programs, templets, and ECT all goto/install to that 200GB partition. I simply want to change my default paths in Ubuntu to do the same thing but can't figure out how. This way when I go to open up pictures, videos, and music it will open up the same location on the 200GB parttion as I have it set to do in Windows.


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Use symbolic linking.

First, you need to mount your 200Gb partition, if that has not already happened. You need to use the mount command to mount the partition manually; if that goes well, you may want to edit /etc/fstab to have the partition automatically mounted at reboot.

Suppose the partition is mounted at /media/largedisk, and that all your music is stored in /media/largedisk/Music/. Then, move everything in /home/youruser/Music out of the way so that it is empty, then remove the empty directory: rmdir /home/youruser/Music. Now, create a link to the new partition: ln -s /media/largedisk/Music /home/youruser/Music. Now everytime you use the folder /home/youruser/Music, you will in fact be addressing the Music directory on the other partition. To remove this, simply rm /home/youruser/Music: this will only remove the link, not the Music folder on the other partition.

Then repeat for videos, photos, etc.

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