Earlier today, on my Ubuntu 14.04 I was running


And my machine had a legitimate hostname in the form of [hostname].[wifinetwork]. However, when I run the same command now, my machine's hostname is bogon, which appears to be short for a bogus IP address. I've tried a bunch of keywords around the term bogon but I don't understand what caused this change or how to fix it.

What other commands should I run to better understand this problem?


The problem was caused by multiple networks at my workplace. So, even when I am connected to wifi network A (192.168.x.x/16), wifi network B (192.168.y.y/16) was still holding on to my hostname, which resulted in my machine hostname in wifi network A to be set as bogon.

So, the question now is to figure out how to make a disconnected wifi network forget my hostname to prevent future collisions (or rejoin the old wifi network).

  • That would be a new question but refer back to this question and explain what went wrong. (and don't forget to come back and accept your own answer in a few days) ;-) – Fabby Feb 20 '15 at 7:15

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