I installed Dropbox but when I run it. I get an error saying:

In order to use dropbox you need proprietary daemons. Install python-gpgme. 

Then, I headed over to installation of that python module from here but there its written use aptitude or synaptic to install packages which is generally considered a safe and easy way. How to use aptitude to install this python-gpgme? I use apt-get and never used aptitude. Help me to install it.


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aptitude, apt-get, synaptic are all front ends. You can use any of them:

  • apt-get install python-gpgme
  • aptitude install python-gpgme
  • (some GUI method for Synaptic)

From 17.10, python-gpgme has been deprecated and replaced by python-gpg. Use that as the package name instead.


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