if I run gconftool-2 it works with my own profile. but I'd like to tweak the other users.

is it possible to use it for other users profiles?

should I "su " and only then run gconftool-2?

May there is another way?


Well, you will obviously need write access to their .gconf/ folder. But if you have that, I think gconftool-2 --config-source=$THEIRHOME/.gconf/ might work. (Untested since I'm the only user on this computer.)

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    For all users use: gconftool-2 --config-source=xml::/etc/gconf for specific user (let's say: usernmae) gconftool-2 --config-source=xml::/home/$USER/.gconf I don't have enough permissions to answer my own question. So I'm accepting yours. – bakytn Aug 26 '11 at 5:12

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