So I'm aware that it isn't recommended to run a full Ubuntu install on USB sticks due to the limited read/write cycles as compared to traditional SSDs or hard disks, and the USB connection limits write speeds etc..

I just wanted to know if this applies to newer drives like the one listed above, The read speed is 130mb/s so it's faster than traditional hard drives.

But I'm unsure about the longevity I can get from this newer USB flash

Is it OK to run a full Ubuntu install from it?

I currently have two windows OS installs on my dedicated hard drive, this is why I rather run Ubuntu straight off my USB.. It's quickly becoming my default OS .

I use ms office web apps when I need to edit docx, deezer.com for music, and overall Ubuntu proves to be pretty awesome.

I game on windows 8.1 and run my piano software on Windows.


It doesn't make sense to use an expensive 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive for a full installation of Ubuntu due to the limited read/write cycles as you mentioned. All you need for it is an inexpensive 16GB USB flash drive. How do I install Ubuntu to a USB key? (without using Startup Disk Creator).

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I cannot vouch for this particular USB stick as the technical specifications do not give any information whether this is an SLC or MLC stick.

However If you go into any electronics store and order and SLC USB stick (they're normally not on stock) go for it as an SLC stick is basically a small SSD hard drive on a stick!

See also this Q&A and choose user type 1 and read that answer for more background information.


OK, lets do the math;

Size 64 GB

Write speed 50 MB/s

No of writes 10000 to 100000.

64GB x 10000 / 0.05 GB/s = 12800000s or 417 eight hour days

64GB x 100000 / 0.05 GB/s = 128000000s or 4167 eight hour days

Of course it is only written to a small percentage of the time and reading is not detrimental to the drive, so the above figures are an absolute minimum.

My last 64GB USB3 flash drive cost me about $25, the cost works out to about 6 cents a day max.

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