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Idiotic question of the day

On Ubuntu 12.04 server console, I've run an apt-get update followed by an apt-get upgrade

Everything was going swimmingly; when it got to MySQL, it warned me it was about to overwrite the my.conf file which I had changed.

One of the options offered was to show the differences between the two files. All well and good and now I remember why I changed it and will do the same again to the new one.

But I can't figure out how to exit the display of the differences and carry on. I believe I've tried every possible key combination, and only succeeded in suspending the apt-get job. When I fg, it comes back and pressing return redisplays the annoing end tag of the difference display:


Please help while I still have some hair left

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It's usually just the standard pager program (i.e. less or more) and the key to quit is just q

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