When I apt-get install wine it was like a few hundred megabyte download, but when I purge it it was 21kb...

Then I deleted the .wine folder thinking it was the cause.

I ran apt-get install wine again and it was 21kb download...

  • Because wine itself is only a meta-package that depends on other packages to bring in the good stuff. You need to remove those packages. – muru Feb 15 '15 at 23:15
  • 1
    Will running apt-get autoremove remove all the other packages? – user3479458 Feb 15 '15 at 23:44

It is normal for a software application to require more than just one package, and when you install the main package, it causes a number of dependent packages to be installed as well.

This is the case with wine: the main package called wine doesn't even contain any code at all, it simply just has a dependent package called wine1.6 which in turn depends on a bunch of other packages.

Of these, wine1.6-amd64 and wine1.6-i386 are both around 15MB in size, which will account for around 30MB (both are required, as Windows needs to run both 64- and 32-bit Windows applications).

Then there are a bunch of other packages such as multimedia libraries and fonts. Depending on how many of these you happened to have installed already, it could have been dozens of MB in download.

If you remove the package wine alone, you won't be removing wine - you have to remove its dependencies as well. Luckily you should be able to do that with apt-get autoremove wine so that it removes anything that was automatically installed when you installed wine.

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