I'd like to do it, because of the firefox extended-selection feature (acutally it is a XULrunner feature - which is a firefox engine).

Another solution would be to find out where all the KDE help handbooks are located. Do you happen to know that?

Edit: knowing where they are won't help - since them are in a docbook format - not in html.


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You cannot use Firefox as your help browser in KDE.

From the Kubuntu-docs package:

Though KHelpCenter is recommended, all documentation in this package is HTML, which means you can view it with any web browser by browsing to /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/kubuntu/"section".

Also the KOffice-doc-html package:

The documentation will be installed into the usual directories /usr/share/doc/kde4/HTML/"language"/"app"/, for instance /usr/share/doc/kde4/HTML/en/kword/.

In other words, you will just have to use KHelpCenter, or manually convert the files from docbook format to HTML (which I will not cover here as that is out of the scope of the question).

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