I have installed the chkrootkit package with sudo apt-get install chkrootkit. When going to the /etc/chkrootkit.conf config file I see the following options:


I assume that the RUN_DAILY option if enabled would get chkrootkit to run an automated scan daily, and that the RUN_DAILY_OPTS sets what kind of scan the daily scan is in terms of which option it is using. Am I correct here? And if so then these automated scans, where are the results logged and how often do these scans occur?

Also, what does the DIFF_MODE option do? And should I enable it?

I have read the README file here and found nothing to do with this config file.

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If "yes" it runs daily automatically, it "no" you need to run it manually. Als have a look at /etc/cron.daily/chkrootkit. Here you can add something like it sending the report to an e-mail address.


These are options you can include. -q means quiet so it does not print anything on screen when running.


If this is set to "yes" chrootkit compares the files /var/log/chkrootkit/log.expected with /var/log/chkrootkit/log.today.

Have a look at /etc/cron.daily/chkrootkit and $CHKROOTKIT $RUN_DAILY_OPTS. You can expand this with a | mail -s $HOSTNAME $YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS (untested!) to have it send mails after the scan is done.

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