I tried Every solution on AsKuBunTu. The reason why I am asking the question is : No answer solved my issue.

I started Ubuntu which causes eye strain(same time spent on Win-7 never caused eye strain).

As per answer topped on google search like Here, Here and many more places but no answer worked.

As per Experts here , they said following should work xrandr -s 1366x768 -r 75 , but it gives me message Rate 75.0 Hz not available for this size .

Also some Expert also gave answer like This which obviously not working .He says use Compiz using sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager . It sets the refresh rate , but after I reboot , all is gone and set to 60Hz , I dont know was that refresh rate in Compiz just for our satisfaction or what ?

And now please answer genuinely , dont answer like use Redshift , flux , as it Does Not solve the issue , I dont like my screen in Red color.

My Os: Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahar.

Please answer if you know , I really dont want my eyes dried , tired , stressed anymore on Ubuntu.

  • You have to add a modline - wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/… – Panther Feb 13 '15 at 22:06
  • @bodhi.zazen , I hope YOU CAN READ . Can't you read that I tried that solution Too. Can you read in the middle of the question , I got error Rate 75.0 Hz not available for this size after checking that question . This is NOT duplicate as that question doesnot solve the issue.Why dont you answer it? – Pratik Feb 14 '15 at 5:59
  • @bodhi.zazen , sorry dude , I was lil tense as Ubuntu gave me Errors -> Rate 75.0 Hz not available for this size ! Comeon ubuntu , this is my lappie , apply it no matter what happens ! :) – Pratik Feb 14 '15 at 18:35
  • Were you by some chance confused by the [answer?] [1] [1]: askubuntu.com/questions/147580/… The very first step is to confirm the refresh rates "modes" available for your monitor. Blindly choosing a rate that isn't compatible with your hardware will never work. – Elder Geek Feb 16 '15 at 0:11

You did not read the links I gave you nor did you post sufficient information for me to answer.

I can take a guess.

You have to manually add a mod line and you will have to modify this answer to match your hardware / xrandr output.

Run cvt

cvt 1366 768 75.0

notice how the desired refresh rate is added to your resolution ;)

output will look like this:

# 1368x768 74.90 Hz (CVT) hsync: 60.30 kHz; pclk: 109.50 MHz
Modeline "1368x768_75.00"  109.50  1368 1448 1592 1816  768 771 781 805 -hsync +vsync

Add it to xrandr (without the "Modline" part)

xrandr --newmode "1368x768_75.00"  109.50  1368 1448 1592 1816  768 771 781 805 -hsync +vsync

Now here is where you did not post sufficient information, so I can not write an answer.

The output of xrandr shows your display name, mine shows

eDP connected 1366x768+0+0

so mine is eDP. Yours may be VGA-0 or LVDS or ....

run xrandr with your display name

xrandr --addmode eDP 1366x768_75.00

NOW run xranrd to set your desired resolution

    xrandr --output eDP --mode 1366x768_75.00

If you have a problem post the output of xrandr and the commands I gave you exactly as you enter them and any error messages.

Don't forget to ask nice because I am a volunteer.

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