Kindly instruct me the method step by step. I am just a user not a programmer. Thank in advance for yr support.


Try this:

Download Epson Printer/Fax/Scanner .deb Drivers for Linux here

Open a File Manager Window

enter image description here

Double-Click on All the Printer/Fax Driver Packages

enter image description here

After the Printer will be Recognized and Installed

enter image description here

Download Epson iScan Software on Download Center here

First Select Only the ‘Scanner Driver’ with ‘core&data‘ packages Then Get Both ‘iscan2+… ltdl7‘ and ‘iscan-data’ .deb 32/64bit Packages

Open Terminal Window Ctrl+Alt+t

Install iScan for Ubuntu Linux

cd $HOME/Downloads
sudo su -c "dpkg -i ./iscan*.deb

Launch iScan and Start Scanning


enter image description here

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  • Thanks a lot for the kind answer. I will try as the above suggestion and Will get back if get a problem – Wichuda Tanyongmaskul Feb 14 '15 at 13:08

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