I had a great problem with auto mounting partition. Every time after start up the pc I had to do manually mount all the drives. so I searched for a solution then I found this...


I do as it showed me to do. then I give a reboot. but now I am not able to log in my account. when I giving password, it blinks and ask to give password again. Now I am using the guest account.

Is there any way to system restore or like something else.


Yes there is a system restore and it's called a system back-up but if you didn't make one before you started, you obviously don't have one...

So the easiest to do for you now, is to boot from a LiveCD (the CD you installed it with) and choose "try Ubuntu". Then make a full file back-up, (get your file data off the machine onto another medium) and re-install...

Afterwards, to auto-mount your drives, have a look here: How to automount NTFS partitions? instead (it works for any file system)

There is also the hard way of repairing this and that is to look for any changes in the fstab and figuring out what changed. As you have no point of reference (do you have a back-up of fstab?) this is going to be difficult for you, so I would advise against it.

Note: look at Ask Ubuntu first; you're not the first one that bricks his system from reading from this guy's blog. (NVidia drivers that make your system crash, easily auto-mount drives, ... )

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