Since changing my uid I no longer have the permissions to see a USB hardrive/stick that is automatically mounted at /media/USERNAME.

Nautilus gives the message

Unable to open a folder for DRIVENAME

No application is registered as handling this file

If I log on as root in a terminal I can see that the drive is mounted in the proper location and can access the files.

Does someone know what I need to do to make it so that I can use the mounted drive with my non-root user?

With other users on the system everything works as expected.

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  • I'm having this exact same problem! – StFS Feb 9 '15 at 15:26
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I managed to solve this problem by unmounting all USB disks I had plugged in and deleting the /media/username directory.

Then, when I plug in my USB stick again, the directory gets re-created and all is good.

I discovered another solution amidst my being a knucklehead...

Ensure first that your users /media/USERNAME directory is actually owned by your user (the media directory itself is owned by root for security reasons).

You can get away with chowning your users media directory to get your desired result (viewing the contents) through:

chown user:user /media/USERNAME

Just make sure you don't have this location open in any other terminal window as you will not be able to do this if that is the case.

Presto, you should now be able to access the drive! :)

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