While I was using my PC, I had a Vulpix Wallpaper and I was trying to get the GTK window border colors working in LXDE using Compiz, so I opened Compiz Config Settings Manager and unchecked Wobbly Windows to make sure Compiz Config was configuring settings properly. When I unchecked it, he window manager seemed to have froze, so I hit power to turn the PC off and then back on. Now, my PC boots to nothing but a blank screen. My PC also flashes some white text at startup before the Lubuntu logo which I'll post a picture right here. (I installed the lubuntu-desktop package on a regular Ubuntu install with no problems.) A video of the problem can be found here.

Note, with a bit of experimenting, I noticed that I could hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 to try and exit a black screen like some other guy who I'd love to give credit to but couldn't find his post, but that brought me into the shell! I logged in to the shell and typed startx and I noticed the screen went black, which I hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 and the PC was spewing two lines of text in repetition. I forget what it said, but it was something like:

(Something about an invalid preference?)

I reboot, and I noticed I got the same problem I had in the past! I'd better see if I can do what I did in the past to fix it, I'll post an answer if it works. :)


Credit goes to actionparsnip, his solution can be found here!

Step 1: Boot to the login screen. Step 2: Hit CTRL+Alt+F1 or CTRL+Alt+F3 Step 3: Run the following commands in this order (Try not to do "sudo su" in case it doesn't work):

sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME sudo apt-get clean sudo reboot

Now, check your desktop. A wild Vulpix appeared on my desktop! And there's a Vulpix! (If you don't know what a Vulpix is, it's a character from Pokémon.)

And here's the wallpaper if you want it. enter image description here

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