My situation

I'm not proficient with Ubuntu or Linux. I'm a Windows convert. My computer tech knowledge is also novice. I'm running a NVIDIA GF119 on UBUNTU 12.04. Under Additional Drivers I have "NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (post-release updates) (version 331-updates)" activated and currently in use. I'm a student and I read hundreds of page of text out of ebooks everyday.

My issue

Text quality is blurry. It's hard to tell the difference between i's and l's (infact I can't tell the difference as I just typed those two.) also m's and n's often look the same. I don't know what refresh rate I'm currently running, but my monitor is built to run 60 hz. I tried xrandr -r 60 and got this.

Rate 60.0 Hz not available for this size

I found another article on this, but the solution was over my head.

How can I get the text readable? Thank you!


Solved! Okay I couldn't find settings>display>scale on my version. However while looking for it I came across Universal Access. When I went in and increased the size of text, it solved my resolution problem. Thanks to everyone for contributing!!!!

enter image description here

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