so, everytime I try installing a package using apt-get it is also downloading previous failed install (previously I install dropbox). how to remove/forget latest failed install?

Setting up nautilus-dropbox (1.6.1-1) ...

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Downloading Dropbox... 11%

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In this case removing nautilus-dropbox using sudo apt-get remove nautilus-dropbox will not work directly. You need to remove post-installation script of this package.

  • Open terminal and execute

    cd /var/lib/dpkg/info/
    sudo mv  nautilus-dropbox.postinst nautilus-dropbox.postinst.bac
  • Now remove nautilus-dropbox completely using

    sudo apt-get purge nautilus-dropbox

This is not a general answer on how to remove or forget latest failed install, but in order to remove your erroneous package you can purge it by pressing CTRL + ALT + T and typing:

sudo apt-get remove nautilus-dropbox

This will remove the package and will make your problem disappear. However - you will not get the coloured files and folders inside nautilus for your dropbox content.

If you want to have the nautilus-dropbox package you could try reinstalling it by typing

sudo apt-get --reinstall install nautilus-dropbox

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