Sorry for asking a lots of questions... I got a SanDisk X110 128SSD that I want to clone all the stuff to a Corsair Force GT 240. How can I do that?


As my Dad would say, "[t]here's more than one way to skin a cat". If you're familiar with gparted it should pe pretty straight forward.

  • Boot up a live version of the OS (presumably the USB or DVD you used to install). This is so that neither of you drives are mounted while you move things around.

  • You could re-size the partition which shouldn't be necessary since you're moving up in drive capacity.

  • Copy your partition over. This should use the same UUID for the copied partition. If you're wanting boot from both the old copy of the drive and the new one going forward then we can edit the fstab file. But we can burn that bridge when we come to it

  • Install grub on the new drive.

After that you should be set. However it would be prudent to save the original copy for a bit; there's always risk when doing this for the first time.


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