my Ubuntu terminal doesn't take lowercase letter 'a' only. Also it parses 'a' every time I copy some text in terminal containing 'a'. For 'a', now I have to use Insert+a every time. The lower-case 'a' input works fine everywhere else in Ubuntu, except the terminal only.

I have also checked the keyboard layout,but it same as it was set before.

  • Welcome to AskUbuntu! ;-) Have you gone through all your bash config files yet? – Fabby Feb 6 '15 at 23:04
  • Hello fabby, Thank you..:) Yes i did..Finally i had find an alternate soution. I had added the line "bind '"a":self-insert'" in the bashrc file and forcefully adding it. – ronak Mar 10 '15 at 10:45
  • Could you please convert that to an answer so that schmucks like me who go around hunting for unanswered questions don't have to look at this one any more. ;-) (And I'll upvote if you drop me a note and it's a good one too!) – Fabby Mar 10 '15 at 19:52

OP's own answer:

Finally I found an alternate soution: I had added the line "

bind '"a":self-insert'

in the /etc/bash.bashrc file and that solved the problem.

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